Christopher Tester ABS Television/ Facebook

A British man on holiday in the Caribbean has been shot in the head during a robbery at a restaurant owned by his parents in Antigua.

Christopher Tester, 37, from Torquay, was shot by a man dressed in a hooded sweatshirt and a face mask, local police told TV station ABS.

Tester's family have asked for help to raise the $90,000 they say they need to raise to fly him back to the UK for urgent medical treatment.

His friend, Charlotte Williams, told the Torquay Herald Express: "Time is of the essence. Please please can you help us to raise funds for him.

"They need to raise £90,000. It will save his life. Please help us perform a Christmas miracle!"

Tester arrived on the island on December 10 and was due to leave on December 29, police in Antigua said.

Tester's parents, Tony and Jill, are believed to run a restaurant called the Boxer Shack in Antigua where the shooting took place and are well known members of the expat community.

Antigua is a popular holiday destination for upwards of 64,000 British tourists every year. Like much of the Caribbean, it faces problems with gun violence, often linked to the drugs trade.