A British Good Samaritan’s last wish.Briton Mark Terrence Osborne married his Chinese wife Mrs Wang six years ago and...

Posted by CCTV on Thursday, June 30, 2016

A 49-year-old British teacher living in China has donated his organs to six Chinese nationals after he was declared brain dead following a stroke four months ago. Mark Terence Osborne, donated his corneas, kidneys, liver and heart.

On Thursday (30 June), China Daily reported that Osborne's Chinese wife, only identified as Wang, decided to make the donation under his will and with his daughter's consent back in the UK after he was declared as brain dead. "We talked about this topic before," said Wang.

Osborne is believed to have moved to Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, six years ago. The Qianjiang Evening News said that Osborne decided to donate his organs on his death after his mother received a second lease of life when she received a heart transplant 20 years ago.

He is the second foreigner in the Zhejiang province to have donated organs, the newspaper noted.

Mark Terence Osborne
An empty classroom in Beijing. Reuters