Eddie Jarman was on holiday with his parents and sibling when he met with a tragic accident. The family of four were off the coast of the Mo'orea island near Tahiti on August 9. The teen was in the water checking the anchor of the family's yacht when a speedboat collision occurred. Despite the efforts of his family, Eddie passed away. The family has returned to the United Kingdom and they are trying to establish a charity to honour the memory of the talented musician.

The adventurous family set sail in 2018 after selling their home in Sussex. The 14-year-old and his 13-year-old sister Amelie Jarman were homeschooled by their parents Barbara Jarman and Harry Jarman. The family had been sailing for 18 months but they spent nine months in French Polynesia due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions. They had been waiting to resume their global journey before Eddie started a scholarship in January 2021 at Hurstpierpoint College in Sussex.

However, the family's globe-trotting ended tragically earlier this month. Eddie was in the water snorkelling and checking the anchor of the family's yacht. He was struck by a speedboat while in the water. His family managed to get him back on-board. They tried to save the teen but his injuries were fatal.

Since the incident, the family have released a statement. They shared that they wanted to repatriate Eddie's body to the UK and bury him in West Hoathly, Sussex. The family shared that they did not have the immediate funds required for the teen's repatriation and funeral, according to The Sun. They pointed out that they were able to take care of the costs with the help of people who generously donated.

The family has targeted to raise £100k to set up the Eddie Jarman Young Musicians Charity in memory of the talented teen who played the piano, violin and double bass. The campaign has already raised £33k. The family also said that all the money left over after the teen's funeral will go into establishing the charity.

The Eddie Jarman Young Musicians Charity will help youth in the UK and French Polynesia with music tuition and instruments.

People have been snorkelling in the Pacific to find the hidden treasure. Picture (Reuters)
Teen fatally wounded after speedboat collision during snorkelling. (representational image)