Australia police
An unidentified British teenager died after falling from an apartment block in Sydney, Australia [representational image] Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

A British teenager has plummeted to his death from a hotel in Sydney.

The 18-year-old, who is yet to be named, fell from the 16<sup>th floor to the courtyard of the hotel in Saunders Street, Pyrmont, after partying with friends. It is said he only recently moved into the apartment block.

Investigators said his death was more likely to be a tragic accident, describing it as a 'misadventure'.

Resident Laura Riano who lives on the second floor said she was awake when she heard what she thought sounded like "heavy steel or rocks" crashing to the floor, according to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald. She then heard screams to "tell the ambulance to hurry up".

Another person told the Daily Telegraph: "I heard the thud and thought someone had thrown a TV out of the window or something. I went down to see what happened and saw the guy laying there with blood coming out of his mouth."

Neighbour Paul Rowlatt told Seven News: "I heard a huge thud. I came down and this girl so, "Oh, someone's fallen out of the window."

Acting Inspector Peter Northey said the casualty's flatmates were home at the time and were very "distressed".

He said: "They've seen him out on the balcony. They've heard a noise, rushed out and have seen that he'd fallen," he said. "Their first reaction was to rush down and contact ambulance."

It is believed the teenager had been drinking before he fell, but a post-mortem examination is still yet to take place.

A spokesman from New South Wales police said they were also trying "to determine the chain of events that led to the man falling".