Lawyer Mina Sirkin said Britney Spears can choose to get pregnant again if she really wants to, and her conservatorship can only do so much to prevent that from happening.

The singer said during her court hearing that she wants to have a baby with her boyfriend Sam Asghari. But she has an IUD that prevents her from getting pregnant and alleged that her conservatorship forbids her to have it removed by her doctor.

Sirkin, who has years of practice with guardianship and conservatorship law, said that Spears can still have the contraceptive removed if she really wishes so. She may have to go through illegal means though.

"The real obstacle for Britney will be getting the IUD taken out, as her doctor is under the order of her conservator. But it's possible she could go somewhere else under disguise with fake ID and get it removed by another doctor," she told Closer magazine and shared her certainty that "there will be someone out there who, I'm sure, would take it out for her."

The Los Angeles based attorney, who is an acquaintance of Spears' former lawyer Sam Ingham, explained that the conservatorship can only do so much once the "Toxic" singer is already pregnant. She said they "can't impose any punishment and they cannot ask her to abort the baby or take the child away."

"The only way her father could make it difficult for her is to restrict her financially," Sirkin added as she said that this also applies to whatever Spears wants to do. This includes going on vacations with Asghari, which she recently did in Hawaii after her court hearing. Her conservatorship cannot legally prevent her from doing things that make her happy but they can allegedly stop her cash flow.

Sirkin gave her input after a source told the publication that Spears wants to get pregnant before she turns 40 years old in December. She and Asghari "want to be a family and she knows time is ticking for her," so she does not wish to wait "for the powers that be to decide whether they can or can't."

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