UK Prime Minister David Cameron has labelled those behind the Brussels attack "appalling and savage terrorists", and has called for Europe to stand together against them. Dozens have been killed after multiple explosions at the Maalbeek Metro station and Zaventem airport in the Belgian capital.

Mr Cameron said: "These are appalling and savage terrorist attacks and I've just spoken to the prime minister of Belgium to give our sympathies and our condolences to the Belgian people and we absolutely stand with them at this very difficult time.

"These were attacks in Belgium, they could just as well be attacks in Britain or in France or Germany or elsewhere in Europe and we need to stand together against these appalling terrorists and make sure they can never win. I've also made sure that we've offered every support to the Belgian security and policing and intelligence forces at this time."

Belgian authorities have confirmed that a disaster plan is now in effect in the country. All transport to and from the airport has been suspended.

The prime minister added, "These are appalling terrorists but we will stand together to do everything we can to stop them and to make sure that although they attack our way of life and they attack us because of who we are, we will never let them win."

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