The British royal family lives by a protocol and they make sure it is well respected.

Meghan Markle's friend Jennifer Meyer has received orders from the Buckingham palace to get rid of the Duchess of Sussex's photos from her social media page that she uses to promote her personal jewellery business.

According to Daily Mirror, Jennifer Meyer received a warning from the royal palace for using Meghan Markle's photos in her jewellery. The duchess has been seen in her jewellery on several occasions including some significant royal events throughout the year. A dozen of images of her wearing the California-based jeweller's pieces were posted on her official Instagram page in order to attract customers. The images not only boasted about their jewellery being used by the royals, but also provided a link to the website's purchase page. Such posts are deemed "damaging" to the royal family's reputation.

"Jennifer Meyer has been told to remove the images and in no uncertain terms how damaging this could be for Meghan and the Royal Family," a royal insider told the publication.

It is said that in one of the many posts the designer even bragged about how Meghan "can't get enough" of the label's jewellery. In the past one year, the royal mom has been pictured at least "10 times" wearing Meyer's designs.

Despite the palace's requests, a few photos of the 38-year-old royal still remained undeleted from the account until this time. The posts have since been deleted.

One of the many Meyer's designs was adorned by the Prince Harry's wife during the time when the couple introduced their son Archie to the world and at a meeting with Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

The pictures have ignited a debate among the royal observers. "Meghan has again blurred the line between ­celebrity and royalty," said Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine.

"There can be little doubt Jennifer Meyer's brand will benefit," said Jason Panudy, of PR experts Goldbug.

Meghan and Meyer's friendship goes back to her days of acting when the duchess played the role of Rachel in the Hollywood television series "Suits."

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Archie
An official christening photo released by Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, holding their baby son, Archie at Windsor Castle SUSSEXROYAL / Chris ALLERTON

Meanwhile, the website suggests this is not the first time that Meghan has broken the royal protocol. Previously, she has been seen signing autographs and letting the public kiss and hug her. However, a place spokesperson has confirmed that this time it is a "breach of Meyer's non-disclosure agreement."