Two Burger King employees have been arrested for allegedly selling marijuana at a drive-thru in Epping, New Hampshire, US. Police say that Garrett Norris and Meagan Dearborn were supplying drugs to customers who used the code phrase "fries extra crispy".

Police carried out a drugs bust following multiple reports that marijuana was being sold at the fast-food restaurant.

Customers would drive up and ask for "nasty boy", referring to Norris, police say. He would then allegedly supply them with the drugs in a coffee cup along with their food order.

Epping police say this was the first arrest they have made for drug sales at a fast-food chain. Chief Inspector Michael Wallace said the drugs were put in the food and that the sale did not involve the franchise owners.

Burger King
Garrett Norris, 20, and Meagan Dearborn, 19, were arrested for allegedly selling marijuana at Burger King drive-thru Rockingham County Attorney’s Office

Norris was charged with possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute. Dearborn, who worked as a shift manager at the chain, was charged with conspiracy to distribute a controlled drug. She claims she was unaware of the operation. "I didn't know what was going on, but since I took the order and gave them the food they charged me," she said.

The pair have been released on bail and are scheduled for arraignment on 28 February.