In several hundred tents and makeshift shelters between 2,500 and 5,000 migrants can live at any one time in Calais' Jungle as they try to gain access to the UK illegally. While a minority wait in the informal camp, which has no rules or regulations, for asylum in France, the vast majority have come to Calais, just over 20 miles from mainland Britain, to stow away on a lorry or a Channel Tunnel train.

The days revolve around a nightly game of cat and mouse with French police as hundreds of migrants wait around the Eurotunnel and try to penetrate a line in the riot force's outer line. Those who make it then push through the perimeter fences into the Eurotunnel. If they are caught, they will try again.

Death is a part of that daily existence. Nine migrants have been killed attempting to enter the UK in the past two months and for those hoping to reach the UK, it is the price of doing business.