UK Games Chart 14 Nov.: Skyrim Felled By Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3
The first DLC for Modern Warfare 3 will be made available on January 24 Activision

Two new multiplayer maps for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be available to download from January 24 and Activision has released a teaser trailer showcasing them.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) was released to critical acclaim back in November and went on to be the most successful video game launch of all time, selling more than 6.5 million copies in its first day on sale.

"The mammoth launch of Modern Warfare 3 and the breakout success of Call of Duty Elite were just the beginning," said Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg. "With the Call of Duty: MW3 Content Season for Call of Duty Elite we are delivering on our promise of more new content, more often, and with more variety than ever."

One of the new maps, Piazza, is an Italian coastal village and the other, Liberty, is New York City, instantly recognisable by the architecture and Central Park.

Activision claims that Liberty is an ideal map for snipers; elevated places with good sight lines means that players better be careful when crossing open ground, as there's probably a sniper focusing on them. Finding a good place to stay and patiently waiting for passing victims is key to success in Liberty.

Piazza, on the other hand, offers close-up combat and is ideal for 'gunning and running' as hiding in one place for long will probably get you shot or stabbed in the back as other players charge around in what will undoubtedly be a fast-paced game.

This first DLC pack for MW3 will be free for Call of Duty Elite premium subscribers, but there is no word yet on a price for the rest of us. Also, as is normal for the COD franchise, the pack will be released first for the Xbox 360, then for PS3 and PC a week later.