Calvin Harris appears to be completely in love with his girlfriend Taylor Swift. During a recent radio talk show, the Scottish DJ just couldn't stop gushing over her.

When the hosts of the Kiss FM Breakfast Show prodded him about his love interest, Harris confessed his dependence on his pop star girlfriend. "She is fantastic! She knows when it is time to leave me for a bit on my own. Before the show," he said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

The couple had started dating in March 2015, and during the year-long period the pop diva kept her fans posted with adorable holiday pictures of the duo. This time, however, it's Harris who is doing all the gushing while his girlfriend is away.

Talking about career advice and encouragement from the Bad Blood hitmaker, Harris told the show presenters Rickie, Melvin, and Charlie: "She's super encouraging and she kind of gets her vibe going with other people as well, you know." Harris poured his heart out during the radio show and told the world how the mere presence of his girlfriend brings a smile on everyone's face, "She can even cheer up my manager, which is an unbelievable feat! So it's fantastic having her around."

The Scotland-born music producer also talked fondly about the time he spent in the Blank Space singer's hometown of Nashville in Tennessee.

"'I've kind of got a soft spot for Nashville nowadays actually. It's a really kind of peaceful, friendly place and I'd never been there like until last year," Harris said during the show.

Meanwhile, 26-year-old Swift too showed her excitement over Harris' new collaboration with Rihanna, on Instagram. During the Coachella festival, she pleased her fans on the picture-sharing site with her beach-blond hair and a jacket featuring Harris' "This is What You Came For" artwork.