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Prince died on 21 April at his Paisley Park home at the age of 57 Getty

Late musical genius and showman Prince left the world devoid of his musical talents after his sudden death at the age of 57, however, the steamy stories of his various affairs and flings seem to be surfacing even seven days after his death.

Devin Devasquez, former Playboy model and covergirl of 1985 and 1986 issues, has opened up about her romantic rendezvous with Prince during the 1980s. Devasquez, who is now an actor and producer, told the People that she was in love with the singer. "He was small, but such a sexy, charming guy," she says. "During the Purple Rain tour he would fly me to all of the concerts, all over the country."

According to Devasquez's account, the purple-clad singer dated her on and off for six months as he would fly her around for his concerts, spending time at lavish after-parties, and indulging in late-night conversations. "We used to go dancing with Sheila E and his band, but he always told no one to talk to me. He liked me to be mysterious, and so I was," the former playboy model recollected.

She goes on to recount days from Prince's tours, when he would be all sensual and suggestive on stage but in person would appear as a different person, very shy. "He looked very shy, he was not the [same] person he was on stage playing the whole concert to me and splitting his pants." The duo mutually ended their relationship in 1985 and Devasquez recollects how he was respectful throughout.

Devasquez's thoughts are echoed in Prince's British girlfriend Anna Fantastic's words, who said that the late musician was an "amazing lover" and would shower her with exquisite gifts. The former playboy model revealed details of their steamy affair and how they would get passionate in the same elevator in which Prince died. The pop star even flew her to him on her 18<sup>th birthday to sleep with him for the first time.

"He was an amazing lover but not weird or into kinky stuff like some people might have thought. Prince may not have been that tall, but he was very much the man. He was so manly with that sexy, deep voice," Anna revealed.