Ellen DeGeneres is always up to one of her funny games or antics on her popular chat show. This time, however, the chirpy chat-show host made her latest guest Julia Roberts take on a unique sales pitch. Roberts, 48, who was on the show to promote her upcoming film Mother's Day, was given a cheeky task by Ellen.

In a way recreating the actress's persuasive role as the host of a Home Shopping Network in her upcoming movie, Ellen invited her on to play a game called "Pitch, Please". The drill was Roberts had to advertise a product, which is kept in a box for the audience to see but hidden from her own eyes.

As the Eat Pray Love actress enthusiastically started explaining on why everyone should buy those products, she unknowingly had the audience in splits. "I think everyone should have one of these. It is versatile, it is hypo-allergenic, it comes in a variety of sizes," Roberts pitched to the onlookers, who couldn't control themselves and burst out in hysterical laughter. With Mother's Day around the corner, Roberts further urged the audience to "empower" themselves with the products as she herself owns 7 — all on the note of humour.

It was only when the white suit-clad Ellen allowed the actress to have a look at her just-advertised products that she herself couldn't control her embarrassment. Turns out, all this while the blonde-haired actress was pitching for two pairs of handcuffs, a blindfold and a fancy whip in the name of a sales pitch.

Watch the video here:

Mother's Day is set to release in the US on 29 April and will hit the UK theatres on 10 June.