Police started search operation Monday night after prison officials informed two inmates were seen jumping the east fence of the jail - Representational image

Two women in Canada, who had escaped an Edmonton prison, have been arrested at a local escape room.

The women – Kelsie Laine Marie Mast and Samantha Faye Toope – ran out of luck when they were confronted by police at a jail simulation facility for thrill seekers. Despite having a real life experience of escaping prison, they could not manage to get away this time.

The escape room is for people who pay to solve puzzles that unlock the doors of a mock jail, The BBC reported.

The duo was held after the officers received a tip-off from the locals on Tuesday (3 October) evening that the women had been spotted in downtown Edmonton.

"It was sort of funny to think that they weren't going to escape from an escape room. Definitely not as challenging here as, I assume, escaping from jail would be," Rebecca Liaw, who owns SideQuests Adventures escape room in downtown Edmonton, said.

Liaw went on to say that there was nothing unusual about the women. She added that "they were extremely cool about it. They kept up a regular conversation, asking completely typical questions that we do get on a daily basis. Nothing out of the ordinary".

However, soon a police officer came and asked Liaw's husband Jonathan if two women had come in without a prior arrangement. "I was like, 'Yes, actually, they have. He just called for backup right away and said 'They're here'," Jonathan told GlobalNews.

"Ironic. Somewhat funny. Seeing as they escaped an escape room – technically jail – that wasn't supposed to be escaped," he added.

Police started the search operation Monday night after two inmates were seen jumping the east fence of the jail. Media reports say that the escapees will now be returned to the custody of the Correctional Service of Canada.