The Cannes Film Festival 2013 is one of the most glamorous events in the world of entertainment. Hollywood leads a parade of style, fashion and haute couture as celebrities in designer wear descend on the French Riviera.

Sharon Stone, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lawrence, amongst a host of other high-profile stars have walked the red carpet.

But it hasn't been an entirely perfect weekend though. Where there are celebrities, there are sure to be some candid moments... some pretty and some not so pretty.

A sweet one was Australian actress Nicole Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban, sharing an intimate moment on the red carpet, as they arrive for the screening of the film Inside Llewyn Davis.

Meanwhile, Oscar-winning acclaimed director Steven Spielberg enjoyed a few chuckles while posing for photographs, engaging in banter with the journalists and posing in similar stances.

Oh... and we'd imagine Marilou Berry was not very pleased with a moment of ham-handedness, when she dropped her sunglasses during the red carpet premiere of Le Passe.

Scroll down for some of the best candid moments at Cannes 2013...