When the daughter of 90-year-old Ruby Wallick went to pick her mother up from her home in Richmond, California, she found a gruesome murder scene. Ruby was dead and her grandson, Dwayne Wallick, was covered in blood as well. Police found Dwayne trying to eat Ruby's corpse. Dwyane was arrested and has been charged with the murder of the elderly woman.

Ruby lived in the 1200 block of Club Court with Dwayne. Dwyane was Ruby's primary caregiver. The grandmother and grandson had been living together for a couple of years. On Monday, Ruby's daughter went to pick her up from the residence. Sadly, the elderly woman was found lying in a room covered in blood. Dwayne was also in the same room covered in Ruby's blood.

Dwayne's aunt called the police. Upon arrival, the police reportedly found Dwayne straddling Ruby's corpse and cannibalizing her. Dwayne did not respond to the police asking him to surrender. The police had to use a taser to subdue Dwayne. After being tasered for five-seconds, the suspected murderer became even more aggressive.

Four Richmond Police officers had to use force to arrest Dwayne and remove him from the building. Dwayne was admitted to a hospital to be treated for unspecified injuries. He remains at the hospital under police custody until he is fit to be transferred to jail. Ruby was pronounced dead.

Ruby's body was sent for a post-mortem examination. According to the Los Angeles Times, Dwyane had used a knife and an ice-pick to kill his grandmother. Ruby's daughter said that she had vision issues and required a walker to get around, but was still high functioning. She believes that Ruby would have lived many more years had she not met with such a gruesome end.

According to The Mercury News, Dwayne has been charged with the murder of Ruby. His bail has been set at $1.1 m (£870k).

Dwyane's murder motive remains unknown. Richmond Police spokesperson Aaron Pomeroy pointed out that the investigators believe Dwyane was under the influence of some synthetic substance. Medical examination can determine if the speculations are true. Dwayne did not have any criminal record or mental health issues.

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Police arrested California man who killed and ate his grandmother. (representational image) Reuters/Alex Gallardo