Cardi B recently used an Asian racist slur to describe the features of her sister Hennessy Caroline, and naturally, it didn't go down well with many of her fans who called her out on social media sites.

However, instead of apologising for using a discriminatory slur, Cardi B feigned ignorance and responded to the backlash by saying she is "sick of the internet" in a tweet which has since been deleted, reports Us Weekly.

The row started when the rapper took to Instagram to post a composite picture of what her two-year-old daughter Kulture might look like as an adult. When a fan commented that Kulture appeared to be a combination of Cardi's husband Offset and her younger sister Hennessy Carolina, the 27-year-old responded that it might be because her daughter has eyes similar to that of Offset and Henessy.

To describe the feature, Cardi used a racist slur which is directed against people with East Asian features and even attracts punishment in some countries. "I think cause Hennessy got c****y eyes like offset and so (does) KK . Its the only think I could think off," the "I Like It" rapper wrote. Her casual use of the offensive term caused outrage on the internet, with many calling her out in the comments for her ignorance.

The Grammy-winner deleted the post after the uproar, and responded to the criticism on Twitter by writing: "I didn't know that c****y eyes was a slur like wtfff I DONT KNOW F**IN EVERYTHING !! We don't even use that as a insult and I didn't use it as a insult," adding that she was "sick of the internet." She has deleted the tweet, but hasn't offered any further explanations or apologies.

Meanwhile, Cardi B and Offset recently celebrated the second birthday of their only child, Kulture. The musician couple hosted a lavish socially-distanced party for their daughter and shared pictures and videos from the celebration on their Instagram accounts.

Cardi B
Cardi B attends the Philipp Plein Fall/Winter 2017/2018 Women's And Men's Fashion Show at The New York Public Library on February 13, 2017 Getty

Alongside a picture of the little one dressed in a pink hoodie with a tutu, Cardi wrote: "My baby turn 2 tomorrow (emoji) I been a emotional mess. Love her so much." Her husband commented on the post writing: "MY TWIN NOW."