A video has been released by popular YouTube star Casey Neistat showing him snowboard through Times Square during winter storm Jonas.

The three-minute clip, published online on Sunday (24 January), shows the 34-year-old and a friend snowboard through the snowy streets of midtown Manhattan whilst being towed by a Jeep. Donning sunglasses and a red jacket, Neistat can be seen swerving through the streets, jumping over obstacles, high-fiving passers-by and occasionally waving a US flag.

The audacious stunt was made on 23 January as a total driving ban was imposed by city officials, leaving the streets clear for the Jeep to drive through. At the end of the video the two snowboarders are stopped by police, but they appear happy to let them continue to carry out the stunt.

Vlogger Neistat runs an incredibly popular YouTube channel, with almost 2 million subscribers and 403m video views. Since being posted online his latest video has gone viral, being watched over 4.7m times on YouTube. You can watch the full video here.

New York City saw the second-highest snowfall since records began at the weekend as winter storm Jonas caused white-out blizzard conditions to bury vast swathes of the US east coast.