Ashley James' parents appeared to throw shade at her onscreen lover Ginuwine when housemates' letters from home were read out during last night's episode.

Ginuwine, 47, was still in the house when the letters were read out, despite being evicted the previous night. Viewers at home were convinced that the Made in Chelsea star's parents were less than happy about her blossoming relationship with the singer.

James' letter from home seemed slightly frostier than those of the other housemates with her parents cryptically warning her not to "let any person or wine" distract her from "achieving your potential".

The sharper detectives among CBB fans picked up that the 30-year-old loved ones were hinting at Ginuwine when they wrote "wine." The Pony hitmaker claimed in a post-eviction interview that a lot of their PDA was "for the cameras," despite James being in tears when Ginuwine was given the boot.

James' letter was read out by former Apprentice star Andrew Brady. It said: "Ash, you will never know how much we love you as we're not the best at emotional stuff.

"You scare the life out of us at times but we have been watching you over the last few days and we are desperate for you to do well and show everyone how special you are. Don't let any person or wine distract you from achieving your potential."

ashley james
Andrew Brady read out Ashley James' letter from home Channel 5

James, who has been ambivalent about pursuing the "showmance" with Ginuwine and has not been a big drinker in the house, appeared very confused and stopped Brady to say: "Did they say wine?"

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "Ashley's parents being shady in that letter. "Wine". Come on we know what was really meant (ginuWINE). #CBB."

Another said: "Oooooo hidden message from Ashley's parents saying less wine but really they mean ginuWINE?#CBB."

A third said: "Ashley, don't let the [Genu]wine distract you... #cryptic."

Ginuwine described James as a "beautiful young lady" when he left the house but also hinted that their cosying up together was a bit of a showmance. He told Metro: "A lot of times, we were doing that for the cameras and to tease everybody that was looking at us.

"So no, nothing ever happened. I would never disrespect her and she would never disrespect herself. It was all in fun."