• The victim survived the point blank shooting.
  • Chad Greatbatch jailed for attack believed to be part of gang dispute.

Terrifying footage has been released showing a gunman shooting his victim at point blank over what is believed to be a dispute between rival drug dealing gangs. The 27-year-old victim miraculously survived after he was shot through the chest while sitting in a parked car in Selly Oak, Birmingham, on 10 July 2016.

Despite the bullet going through his chest before lodging under skin on his neck, the victim managed to get out the vehicle and call for help, with doctors describing how he was "very lucky" to survive.

During the investigation, the unnamed victim refused to co-operate. Police believe the shooting was related to a suspected drugs patch dispute

The gunman, Chad Greatbatch, has now been jailed for more than 30 years after police were able to identify him thanks to advanced facial mapping technology.

Chad Greatbatch
Chad Greatbatch has now been jailed for more than 30 years West Midlands Police

He was stopped in his car four days after the attack in Edgbaston, where officers found a loaded St Ettiene revolver in the foot-well. He was originally jailed for six and a half years for possessing a firearm and drugs supply but detectives were not able to irrefutably show the 21-year-old was the gunman.

Officers were eventually able to identify him thanks to facial mapping. Examination of his phone also revealed internet searches to source handguns.

Greatbatch originally denied attempted murder but went on to plead guilty at Birmingham Crown Court. He has now been sentenced to for 25 years at the same court.

The sentence will run consecutively to his current jail term which means he faces more than 30 years behind bars.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Gareth Johnson, said: "The motive for the shooting is not exactly clear – but it was a targeted attack understood to be connected to drug dealing.

"What is for certain is that the victim had a near miraculous escape: the bullet travelled through his chest yet he managed to get out of the car and run for help.

"Despite coming close to being killed, the victim refused to co-operate with the enquiry – but just because a victim won't talk to us does not mean we can't push for a prosecution and conviction.

"We had Greatbatch in police custody just a few days after the shooting and he has now been taken out of society for a very long time and no longer poses a danger.

"Facial mapping is just one of the tools available to detectives these days and is helping us achieve convictions against dangerous offenders and make sure they can't evade justice."

Birmingham shooting
A St Ettiene revolver was found in Greatbatch's car when police arrested him West Midlands Police