A pet shop in Houston, Texas is calling for the return of several bulldog puppies stolen during a break-in on Friday night (14 October). Store workers said they are worried for the high-value dogs' well-being as they require special care.

CCTV shows three men smashing their way into the north Harris County store and making off with four English Bulldogs and two French Bulldogs. The English Bulldogs are worth between $3,500-$5,000 (£2,860-£4,080) each while the French breed are around $3,500 each, meaning the total haul is worth more than $20,000.

The store's owner told click2houston.com that people who rob them "all want the English bulldogs... They just want to sell the puppies and make some money". Though there have been similar thefts from the store in the past, the owner said she was particularly concerned because "The English bulldogs can't go outside... The heat can kill them."

Pet City, is now reportedly offered an $800 reward for each puppy returned. One other dog was injured during the break-in as, when the thieves left a cage door open, it jumped out and fell to the floor.