CCTV footage in Buenos Aires shows the moment in which a car, colliding with a motorbike, is thrust onto the sidewalk, knocking over a pedestrian and driving into a shop. Both drivers and the pedestrian were injured and were taken to the local Fernandez Hospital. Further information regarding their status has not been released.

The rapid succession of crashes took place early on 21 April between the streets Santa Fe and Anchorena Street in the Recoleta district. The footage, provided by the Metropolitan Police, shows the Volkswagen Golf charge into a mattress store, which was closed at the time of the incident.

Several witnesses rushed to the scene to assess what had happened and help those involved, and police are investigating the circumstances.

The owner of the shop described the aftermath following the incident saying, "Thank God we were not working at the time. Now they are going to try and removed the car and we will try and organise the shop a bit, but it's all in chaos. Everything is destroyed, not one thing in the shop is intact."

"The driver crossed on a red light, took the motorbike down and then the pedestrian, he was going fast, it was a strong accident. They drove straight into where the employees usually sit, and a lot of pedestrians usually pass by there, if it had been a bit later it might have been a different story," he said.