A luxury goods seller showcased items for a millionaire's Christmas on 10 December, including a snow globe with diamond snow, tarts with rubies, a Christmas tree star containing more than 280 diamonds and a box of crackers costing £995,000 ($1,509,066).

The items are sold by luxury goods website VeryFirstTo, which claims to be the first to sell a box of crackers with such valuable diamonds inside. The most expensive diamond is pear-shaped and valued at £247,000. The least valuable is worth a mere £113,000. The company's founder, Marcel Knobil, said the crackers will delight guests.

"Each guest sitting around the dinner party will be surprised to find a really remarkable diamond," he said.

Salim Hasbani, business development director for the jeweller that sourced the diamonds, Tresor Paris, said spending close to a £1m on crackers was a good investment.

"A million pounds on crackers its nice. It's something that will last forever. It's not... You know you can spend a million pound on a Ferrari but you'd be lucky if it starts the next day to take it out for a drive. This will stay with you forever, you can pass it to your kids. It's an eternal gift. It's not just for that Christmas Day. It will remind you of Christmas Day 2015, but it will last forever," he said.

The crackers themselves were created by House of Crackers, a bespoke cracker-making company based in Dorset. Its owner, David Snook, said he hand-crafted the crackers using Indian embossed foiled paper, goose belly feathers and sheer ribbon.

Also on offer are tarts that feature real rubies. They cost £475 per tart or £2,700 for six. Baker Georgia Green, founder of Georgia's Cakes, said it was a pleasure to make the tarts.

"I love making something like this towards Christmas, adding the extra sparkle," she said.

A snow globe also features, containing snow made from diamonds. They feature a miniature family inside, which are bespoke to the buyer. You will need to spend £3,270 to buy one of these pieces. The globes are created by Australia-based Leah Andrews for Queen of Snow Globes.

Also available is a Christmas tree star that costs £615,000. It features more than 280 diamonds, including a five carat diamond at the centre, which can be removed and worn in a pendant. David Allen, creative director of 77 Diamonds, the company that built the star, said it would make for a special Christmas for its owner.

"I think making something for a Christmas tree, it's something that makes people look at what's on top of the Christmas tree as opposed to what's underneath it," he said.