Britain is in the throes of Brexit hysteria as the referendum on the country's membership of the EU nears its 23 June vote. Since Prime Minister David Cameron decided to tackle the for and against camps once and for all and promised the UK electorate the opportunity to vote back in 2013, he threatened a possible departure to negotiate better terms for the country on issues, including immigration and financial regulations.

Following the re-election win in 2015, Cameron began talks that went on for months before sealing a deal on reforms with the EU, allowing him to put a date on the referendum. The build-up has led an array of significant public figures and celebrities to pipe up with their opinions.

The Eurosceptics believe that the economic and political partnership between 28 countries has undue influence over British sovereignty. They claim that it hands over control of tax policy, financial regulation and migration levels to Brussels policymakers, where the EU's institutions are headquartered, and that Cameron's deal does little to improve the relationship.

The argument to remain in the EU includes better bargaining powers on trade and defence, as well as boosting each member state's economy by allowing free movement of labour and trade within the union, resulting in greater stability overall. Those in favour to remain have also stated that the EU has more power over foreign policy. So amidst all the serious Brexit chat, IBTimes UK takes a peek at some of the more familiar faces chipping in on the debate.