Justin Bieber, Miranda Kerr and Chris Brown previously admitted to having sex on an aeroplane and now Liam Neeson has confessed to being a member of the Mile High Club.

The Taken star, who plays an air marshall in new action thriller Non-Stop, made the candid confession during the film's promotional tour.

He said that although he has done quite a few naughty things in mid-air, getting frisky on a Lufthansa airways flight topped the list.

"I joined the mile high club many years ago. Lufthansa," He told WENN.

Despite his apparent love of mid-air antics, Neeson insisted that sneaking a quick smoke in an aircraft toilet is one thing he would never try.

He said: "I am an ex-smoker, I have never done that. But I have smoked on aeroplanes when you were allowed to smoke."

Non-Stop is set to hit US cinemas on 28 February. The cast includes Hollywood's New It Girl Lupita Nyong'o as well as Julianne Moore and Michelle Dockery of Downtown Abbey.