Massimo Cellino

Massimo Cellino has insisted that he will only sign players with long-term potential at Leeds with the owner continuing an overhaul of the club.

After taking over in April this year, Cellino has curbed spending in the hopes of getting the once great side back into the black as they aim for Premier League football within the next 12 months.

The club have so far had four incoming players this summer, though two were signed on loan, but Cellino insists that he won't look for a quick fix to Leeds' problems on the pitch and would rather build for a long-term future of success.

"We are signing new players and we need a lot of them for the future," he told BBC Leeds.

"My way to work is to not just sign players for one year but for the next 10 years. I might not live longer than that."

Cellino also revealed that he will set a new rule at the club where players must live within easy access of Elland Rd after discovering that some of the squad choose to be based in other towns.

"Next season I do not want one single player who lives outside of Leeds, no way. That is mandatory," he explained. "Last year there were players who were coming late to games.

"It is important to do this because the players must be able to sleep well the day before a game and maybe they cannot do that if they have small children or if their neighbour is having a party."

The changes at Leeds have also reportedly included the departure of under 18s coach Richard Naylor, who was made redundant alongside under 16s coach Leigh Bromby this week.

Cellino claimed that the changes have meant that debt isn't a problem at Leeds now, saying: "There is no debt anymore and we have found a deal with GFH and I am glad for that.

"We are close to raising £30m of capital and that is without the money we got for [Ross] McCormack (who joined Fulham this summer for £11m this week). We did not budget for his sale because we did not want him to go.

"The decision to buy back the stadium had been made before Ross was sold but now we can use that money for the deal. We want to take back our house."