Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show is the best place to catch the latest tech that is on its way to retailers. While not all are destined to be available for purchase, there are some prototypes that give people a view of what the future might have on offer. While most of the stuff on display have specific purposes, there are some that are occasionally absurd and quirky. An unlikely brand is making the headline as Charmin introduces new technology to help consumers answer nature's call in high-tech fashion.

So far, the Procter & Gamble brand is prepared to showcase three products that could eventually make its way to our homes and more. There's a robot that answers the call when an individual requires a fresh supply of toilet paper. Another is a portable toilet system with an integrated augmented reality system designed for use during events or concerts. The last one is a sensor system intended for use inside bathrooms that will alert users of foul odours lingering within its confines.


The first of the bunch is Charmin's answer to the call of nature during concerts, presentations, and other big events. CNet notes that this is a project helmed by the company's GoLab tech group that addresses a problem encountered in the aforementioned situations. People who need to visit the toilet can finally keep track of the action with the help of an Oculus Rift S headset mounted inside the bathroom. It is still in the concept phases so do not expect to spot one of these for a while.


As its name implies, this gadget is a self-balancing robot that can be called upon to deliver a roll of toilet paper when it runs out. It runs on two wheels positioned on its flanks and features an angular face of a bear on the front. The company was unable to provide a detailed overview of how it works, but confirmed that it will wirelessly connect with the owner's smartphone. It can be speculated that the Rollbot might be compatible with smart home systems later on.


The final item on the list is an electronic sensor module that can be installed in bathrooms. It can reportedly detect carbon dioxide levels within and issue a warning if the stench is still present. People will have an idea of when it would be ideal to enter the stalls and take care of business.

Consumers should be aware that Charmin is advertising these products as concepts for now. However, it seems that the ideas behind these tech innovations can be quite useful. CES 2020 still has a lot to offer over the next few days and there are some surprises that are rumoured to be announced.

Consumer Electronics Show 2020 in Las Vegas
Visitors to the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will be looking for new devices using superfast 5G wireless technology, but the rollout of these products remains slow. Photo: AFP / Robyn Beck