Last week, Sony updated its website to tease what it had in store for the public at the first and one of the biggest tech shows this year. Based on the text that was on the landing page, gamers immediately surmised that the PlayStation 5 will make its official debut earlier than what was speculated. Meanwhile, ahead of its supposed unveiling at the expo, close-up photos of the PS5 dev kit were apparently posted online.

What's interesting about the photos is that it seems to have been taken covertly by someone who claims to be a cleaner. This was shared on the PlayStation 5 subreddit and shows three images of the console. Additionally, one of the shots was of the new controller, which is noticeably chunkier than the DualShock 4, reports Wccftech.

Although the name is not yet official, sources are calling it the DualShock 5, which is likely given Sony's naming convention for its gaming products. The collection of photos appears to have been uploaded on Facebook, which is ironic given the message that read "Please do not share this" followed by a smiley emoji. Furthermore, the details written on the post implies that these were PlayStation 5 dev kits from Ubisoft's offices.

The design matches that of other leaked images of the next-generation PlayStation available online. It comes in a black shell with silver trims and a huge cooling vent on the top. The front features a small display window on the top right section with USB ports just below. Additionally, the Blu-ray disc slot sits on the bottom left side of the console.

As with every other dev kits that were previously leaked, the retail model traditionally looks different. However, there are some elements that make it to the final design. Sony is expected to make a big announcement during its CES 2020 presentation. Industry analysts are hinting that the PlayStation 5 could be one of the items headlining the event.

In a related news article, internal testing results from AMD were uploaded online and included the new chips purportedly used by the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. According to the numbers, it looks like Microsoft might have a more powerful console compared to Sony. Nevertheless, these should be taken with a pinch of salt until the official specs are released.

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