The man dubbed the most violent prisoner in Britain is furious after guards took away a giant scarf he had knitted.

Charles Bronson, 60, said he stitched a scarf measuring 45ft in length after taking up knitting lessons in a bid to control his temper.

But jailers took it off him because they thought he was going to use it to escape over the wall of HMP Wakefield, he claimed.

Bronson is locked up inside the country's most secure prison and has garnered a reputation as Britain's most notorious convict for his violent antics.

He made his claims in prisoner's magazine Inside Time, saying: "I joined the knitting class and was working on a lovely scarf. I got it to 45 feet and then security confiscated my knitting sticks and the scarf. Liberty.

"They said I was planning an escape."

But Bronson's claims are a few stitches short of a full line, according to prison officials. A ministry of Justice spokesman said: "This incident never happened."

Bronson is serving life for taking a prison guard hostage at Hull Prison in 1999. He has hit the headlines regularly for a string of unruly incidents behind bars.

He once said: "I fear no-one. Violence just makes me madder and stronger."

Earlier this year it was reported that killer paedophile Mark Bridger was living in fear of Bronson after being sent to HMP Wakefied for murdering April Jones.

Bridger was attacked by other prisoners at the jail but not by Bronson. He was left with a long scar on his face from a blade attack by a rapist.