Police have released dash cam videos of the arrest of 21-year-old Dylann Roof following the shooting death of nine black parishioners in a South Carolina church.

Roof, 21, was apprehended by North Carolina police in Shelby about 250 miles from the scene of the Charleston shootings. The video shows a group of police officers, at least two with guns drawn initially, cautiously approaching Roof's stopped Hyundai Elantra .

Roof, in a white T-shirt, rolled up dark sweatpants and brown boots, appears calm and cooperative in the video as he exits the car. He's handcuffed and walked to a waiting police cruiser, his somber face showing little emotion. After he's placed in the car, police are seen sharing celebratory fist bumps and high fives.

Police found a semi-automatic handgun beneath a pillow in the backseat of Roof's car, and pulled him over because he was driving too close to a tractor-trailer, said ABC News, citing Roof's arrest reports.

Police also released a recording of the 911 call alerting police that Roof was on the highway. The owner of a flower shop is heard telling officers that one of his drivers believed that she was behind the suspected shooter.

Roof has been charged with nine counts of murder and one count of criminal possession of a weapon. He hasn't yet entered a formal plea, but he has reportedly confessed to the shooting, telling police he wanted to start a race war.