Classmates of the teenager who was alleged to be the gunmens' driver in yesterday's (7 January) attack on Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris, are protesting his innocence by claiming he was in class at the time the attack occurred.

Hamyd Mourad, 18, handed himself in at approximately 11pm (local France time) on Wednesday (7 January) in his home town of Charleville-Mézières after seeing his name in the news and on social media, after being identified as one of the three alleged suspects.

Since then, Mourad's friends and acquaintances have taken to social media using the hashtag ‪#MouradHamydInnocent, insisting he has an alibi since he was in a class at the time the attack happened.

French media outlets are also facing a social media backlash following the spread of the hashtag ‪#MouradHamydInnocent that has been trending in France today, (8 January) with some people even claiming that Mourad has been let go.