Bradley Walsh got all bashful on a recent episode of The Chase after mocking a contestant for being wrong when they actually provided him with the correct answer.

The 56-year-old TV presenter – who has been hosting the hit ITV show since 2009 – burst into laughter after discovering he had mocked an answer stated by contestant Barbara which turned out to be right.

Walsh asked the hopeful: "Which suitably-named actress plays Pip Archer in the countryside radio drama 'The Archers'?"

He read out the possible answers which were: "Heather Fox, Rose Squirrel and Daisy Badger".

Before finishing the question, Walsh began giggling over the name Daisy Badger, telling the audience: "I don't know why that makes me laugh!" perhaps trying to throw off the contestant ahead of her answer.

And when Barbara decided to go for the funny name as her answer, Walsh continued to make fun of the choice, adding: "Why did you put Daisy Badger? It's not going to be badger... It will be Heather Fox, one of the Fox family, like Emelia Fox."

But Walsh ended up giving himself a face palm when he was proven wrong and Barbara's answer was in fact right, with the host finding it hard to believe. Backtracking his previous comments, he joked: "That's a terrific name!"

Viewers of the show commented about the mishap on Twitter, with one person writing: "Am I the only one that thought the laughter was forced on the Daisy Badger question? It was hardly a Fanny Chmelar. #TheChase", as another put: "The Daisy Badger question another one for The Chase funniest moments compilation #TheChase @ITVChase".

A third added: "How to tip Bradley over the edge in one easy lesson..........Daisy Badger #gangofchase".

The popular show – which is one of ITV's most successful daytime shows of all time – is reported to be getting the axe and will be replaced by Rylan Clark-Neal's new game show Babushka. It rose to popularity with its fun format of a contestants competing with a professional quizzer, or chaser, for a cash price. It has attracted a regular audience of between three and five million.

The Chase continues weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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