Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdian has slammed 'privileged Eastern liberals' for treating working-class Americans with contempt, suggesting that is the reason Donald Trump was elected.

Bourdain said in an interview with Reason people wanted to "pull down the temple" because they had been treated as morons and failed by the government.

"The utter contempt with which privileged Eastern liberals such as myself discuss red-state, gun-country, working-class America as ridiculous and morons and rubes is largely responsible for the upswell of rage and contempt and desire to pull down the temple that we're seeing now," Bourdain told the website.

"When people are afraid and feel that their government has failed them, they do things that seem completely mad and unreasonable to those of who are perhaps under less pressure," he added.

"I've spent a lot of time in gun-country, God-fearing America, there are a hell of a lot of nice people out there, who are doing what everyone else in this world is trying to do: the best they can to get by, and take care of themselves and the people they love."

Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain blamed liberals for the election of Trump. Larry French/Getty Images for DC Central Kitchen

Bourdain is not the first person to blame the establishment for November's US election result, with former presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders suggesting Democrats see the election result as a chance to change, and said they should examine why swathes of Americans preferred a candidate from outside of the political establishment.

The chef also said people should be "breaking bread" with one another and searching for common ground rather than tearing each other down.

"Nothing nauseates me more than preaching to the converted. The self-congratulatory tone of the privileged left—just repeating and repeating and repeating the outrages of the opposition—this does not win hearts and minds," he added.

Bourdain has previously hit out at Trump, claiming the Republican "offends" him and slamming his lans to build a wall on the US southern border.