Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho seemed to take a fresh dig at Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger after saying just one manager in the Premier League is not under pressure despite "not achieve anything". Having called him a "specialist in failure" in 2014, the boss has now reopened the debate following the controversy which follow the Blues victory over the Gunners last weekend.

The Blues beat their London rivals with two goals in the second half of the game after both Gabriel Paulista and Santi Cazorla were sent off – while Costa stayed on the pitch despite shoving his hand into the face of Laurent Koscielny. Mourinho hit back at Wenger after the game, saying he would like to sign every Arsenal player as he believes they have the talent to lead the Gunners to the Premier League title.

And when asked ahead of the trip to Newcastle whether he felt under pressure, Mourinho appeared to send a new message to Wenger although without mention his name: "I think in this country, only one manager is not under pressure."

"[One who] can cry every morning, not achieve anything and still be the king," he added as quoted by Sky Sports "Steve McClaren is under pressure, I am under pressure, Brendan Rodgers, Manuel Pellegrini. There is one that for some reason is outside that list. Good for him."

When asked who he was referring to, Mourinho said: "You know."

The Portuguese boss, meanwhile, has refused once again to comment on the FA ban on Diego Costa over fears of being suspended himself. Wenger said after the game that the Spaniard deserved the red card and urged the FA to investigate him. Mourinho responded later claiming that the French boss was just making excuses after failing to cope with the defeat.

But the Football Association eventually suspend Costa retrospectively for violent conduct with three games while also withdrawing Gabriel Paulista red card.

Asked about that Mourinho said: "If I answer I'm going to be suspended. I don't want to touch the theme and everything that surrounds this situation."

"I don't comment and I tell you why. Some managers can speak about the referee before the game and after the game and some others cannot. I am in the list of the ones that cannot."