There are major fears over the availability of flu jabs to patients as a series of viruses spread across the UK.

Chemists across the country were reportedly running low on flu vaccine supplies, forcing some branches to turn away customers.

The Telegraph contacted several branches of the high street pharmacy giant Boots, to find out their level of supply.

They asked branches in the Midlands, East of England, the South and South West- but found all to be out of stock.

Boots UK told the paper that jabs would be resupplied to pharmacies.

In parts of south London, emergency clinics have been set up in fire stations and other areas to help vaccinate the young and the elderly.

Flu viruses from France and Australia have led to a surge in demand for flu vaccines, placing strains on suppliers.

Across the UK, all children under the age of nine, pensioners and those with serious health issues are eligible for a free flu vaccine, however the rest of the population pay £13.

Ministers in Whitehall are watching the developing situation closely, as an already overstretched NHS struggles with ambulance queues and cancelled operations.

More patients are seeking the flu vaccine in an unprecedented post-Christmas rush, as a strain of Aussie flu spreads across the UK.

In England, there has been a 78% increase in flu cases over the past seven days compared to the week before, with similar sharp rises in Scotland and Wales.

On Friday, an 18-year-old girl died in Scotland after catching the flu virus.

Bethany Walker was suffering from the flu before it developed into pneumonia.

Chemists are now under increased pressure to maintain their vaccination supplies in order to meet demand.

Some chemists told the Telegraph that they avoided overstocking supplies as they are only reimbursed by the NHS for vaccines that are used.