The scene of the accident
The scene of the accident in Marbella Google

It has been revealed that the British driver who killed a 3-year-old boy in the Costa del Sol tested positive for cocaine.

The details emerged after police submitted their preliminary report into the incident to a court in Marbella on Wednesday 10 January.

The EuroWeekly reported that the 24-year-old British man tested positive for the drug, having used it 24-48 hours before the incident.

The Briton had been on holiday in the resort area of Spain when he hit the child while driving his Hyundai Tuscon.

With three others in the vehicle, the man had driven into the car park of the Azalea Beach complex to retrieve his baseball cap, which he had lost in the site.

Having collected his hat eh then reversed the vehicle, running over the child, who had stepped away from his grandmother's car at the time.

Paramedics at the scene attempted to save the child but were unable to do so, pronouncing him dead at the scene.

The Briton was tested for alcohol but the results came back clear. However, a later drugs test revealed the cocaine in his system.

Police are still investigating when the man ingested the drugs and whether this may have had an impact on his judgement and driving ability during the accident.

The man could face a prison sentence if police decide to bring forward criminal charges.