Five people were killed and 11 others injured in 10 shootings within 12 hours on 25 January in Chicago. Those shot were aged from 16 to 56, with several survivors in critical condition at hospital.

The spate of shootings came after no one had been reported shot in the city for 33 hours; through most of the day on 24 January into the following day. In the past year, Chicago has implemented several measures to cope with shooting crimes, including deploying more police officers to patrol and capture illegal guns.

"The guy who holds guns for survival is not going to turn it in. We have to invest, give people jobs and education. That is going to solve the gun problems," said Jedidiah Brown, a resident in Chicago.

At least 244 people have been shot in January in Chicago, 43 of them fatally. January has been especially violent, with more people shot in the first three weeks of the year than in the same period for any of the last four years.