Chicago PD season 3 return date
Season 3 of the superhit police procedural drama series Chicago PD shocked fans with the death of Justin Voight NBC

Sergeant Henry 'Hank' Voight's heartbreaking emotional journey did not end in the season 3 finale of Chicago PD and the twist in the final episode left fans wondering what will be in store for Jason Beghe's character in season 4.

In the season 3 finale, Voight investigated the body of a widowed mother, but things turned personal for him when he discovered the dead woman's connection with his son Justin. But by the time the team managed to trace him, they discover Justin in a critical condition. He was brutally assaulted and shot and soon he succumbed to his injuries in hospital.

This left Voight agonised and he went on a rampage killing his son's perpetrators. Fans of the show are now curious to know how he will balance his emotions in the upcoming season. Executive producer Matt Olmstead told TVLine that the sergeant will turn brutal in season 4.

"We're going to see a different side of him, because he goes from short fuse to no fuse. It's not going to go back to what we call the other side of street, where he's taking payouts from drug dealers, even though in his mind, it was a la Robin Hood, using that money to help free up other kids. It's not like he's in self-destruct mode. [His mindset is] My right and wrongs are that much more cut-and-dry for me, and my desire to right wrongs is that much more clear to me," he said.

The executive producer also teased that detectives Jay Halstead and Erin Lindsay will take baby steps as they decide to live together. In previous episodes, the two were planning to buy property and it appears the time has come when they both will take their relationship further.

"We want to have them move in together and just play the baby steps of what it's like to live with someone [for] two very independent people who have always done their own thing. We want to start turning some cards over when it comes to that, play the wish fulfillment of it all, because the audience likes them. We like them. We want to see them together more," he explained.

NBC has not yet declare a premiere date for Chicago PD season.