Pretty Little Liars season 7
Pretty Little Liars season 6 finale introduced Jessica DiLaurentis's identical twin Mary Drake as the new antagonist of the show Freeform

Pretty Little Liars season 7 will feature a whole new set of mysteries and twists when it returns on 21 June, even as Hanna's status remains a secret. The introduction of Jessica Dilaurentis's twin sister and the biological mother of CeCe Drake — Mary Drake — has opened the doors of agony for Alison. But apart from the gloomy plot, fans of the show will witness some beautiful wedding moments too.

And the latest wedding tease has come directly from show creator Marlene King, who tweeted the news with the hashtag "most romantic season ever". However, it is unclear which liar will walk the isle during the PLL wedding.

King, had previously claimed that season 7 will bring twists in every episode and will feature plenty on romance. Her recent tweets have prompted fans to speculate who could be the possible liar in a wedding gown.

Alison is already married to Dr Rollins (who plotted against her by sending her to the mental institution) and Hanna's fate is still unknown. Besides, she kissed Caleb in season 6, which means her proposed wedding with Jordan is now off. This leaves only two other couple options — Aria and Ezra, and Spencer and Toby.

Apart from Mary and Rollins plotting against Ali, there is another person lurking in the dark, who is responsible for kidnapping Hanna. And as promised by King, a big reveal in the upcoming episodes about the identity of AD (Uber A) will be out along with his/her motive behind terrorising the liars.

A trailer released by Freeform reveals that Spencer, Aria and Emily will commit a murder, which was previously predicted by King when she said the liars will do the "biggest mistake of their lives".

PLL season 7 will premiere on 21 June on Freeform.