Gun selfie
Police are looking for the man behind this photo. Facebook

Police in Chicago are investigating a photo that was posted on social media showing a toddler holding a gun.

The photo posted on Facebook shows a man holding the toddler in his left arm while she holds what looks like a gun.

Now investigators are trying to find the man who could face child endangerment charges.

Andrew Holmes, an anti-violence activist in Chicago, told ABC7 that police received several calls from the community about the man in the photo.

He said: "We are getting loads of calls that have been coming in, saying they may know who this individual is, they may know who the child is.

"It's about putting the guns down, saving a child's life. This is not about getting anybody in trouble, because, you know, you put that on Facebook yourself."

It's unclear whether the gun in the photo is real, but the child's finger is close to the trigger. Holmes said that part of the picture is incredibly disturbing.

"Whether it's an air gun or a real gun in her hand, she's taking a selfie with a man and she's got her trigger finger on the trigger," Holmes said. "If she goes to a relative's house and there's an unsecured gun, she's going to put her hand on it because, guess what, you taught her to put her hand on it."

Police have not determined where the photo was taken. The investigation is ongoing.