A Chicago woman has been charged after filming the rape of her unconscious friend and posting it on Snapchat. Prosecutors said on Thursday (31 August) that 36-year-old Beth Rae Harris of West Ridge not only filmed and posted the rape videos but also narrated the sexual assault.

It all began 24 August when Harris and the victim got into a fight over a man at a party, Nora Gill, assistant state's attorney, said during a bond hearing.

According to Gill, after the fight, the two resolved and went to a club to party together.

The 23-year-old victim is said to have passed out in Harris' apartment after she drank heavily.

Harris then encouraged one or more men to rape her friend. The victim found herself naked and sore when she woke up next morning.

Prosecutors said that before the victim left Harris' home, Harris told her "that a man had had sex with [her] while [she] was passed out."

After the woman went home, she realized that Harris had used her phone to post multiple graphic videos of the rape on her Snapchat account. Gill said that the victim can be seen unconscious in the videos.

According to Gill, the victim can be seen unconscious in the videos.

Multiple Snapchat users have reportedly seen the videos. A witness has also identified Harris as the woman ranting in the video. Harris was also heard occasionally narrating the rape videos, authorities said.

Harris has been charged with non-consensual dissemination of sexual images. She has been previously convicted of battery, resisting arrest, reckless conduct and aggravated battery of a peace officer.

However, the man or men involved in the sexual assault have not yet been identified. An investigation into the rape is going on.

Cook County Judge James Brown set the bail at $150,000 (£115785.41).