Unarmed U.S. Shadow Drone
File Picture of an unarmed U.S. Shadow Drone Reuters

The man heading the Central Intelligence Agency Counter Terrorism unit is a Muslim convert. He is credited with suggesting and implementing drone attacks in Pakistan. He has been at the helm for the last six years and was a key player in the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden.

Reports did not divulge the name of the CIA agent, apart from the moniker Roger. An average student at school, he would get pulled up by teachers. He was initially stationed in Africa, where he sharpened his skills in the volatile environment. Tribal wars, ambush, emergencies and everyday bloodshed trained Roger for the top post countering the biggest threat to the world, terrorism.

Roger married a Muslim woman which many state was the reason he converted to the faith. Respected for his work ethics and demeanor, Roger sports stubble and is a repeat chain smoker, quit to pick it up again, according to the Washington Post.

"No officer in the agency has been more relentless, focused, or committed to the fight against al-Qaida than has the chief of the Counterterrorism Center," said CIA Director David Patraeus, according to The Post.

Though a follower of the Muslim faith he does not keep a rug in his office room for offering prayers and the only association with religion are the beads he carries in his hand.

Under Roger the drone attacks increased considerably from 35 in 2006 to a total of 198 in six years.