Nunes Family
(L-R) Adriana, Tiago Sr, and Tiago have been named locally as the family that died in the Reigate fire Facebook

A couple and their young son died were found dead in the double bed of their cottage after a fire engulfed their home near Reigate. Emergency services were called at around 11am GMT on Tuesday (24 January) to the isolated Surrey farm cottage in Trumpets Hill Road.

It is believed that the fire had been burning through the night but because of the isolated positioning of the cottage the fire was not spotted until the next day. The victims have been named locally as Tiago and Adriana Nunes and their boy, also named Tiago.

It has been reported that the blaze was discovered when Tiago Nunes Sr, a gardener, failed to arrive for work and his boss went to his home to check on him.

Surrey Police confirmed that the three people died on Wednesday (25 January) as forensic teams and Surrey Fire and Rescue Service investigated the property. A joint police and fire service investigation is now underway.

The family's next of kin have been informed of their deaths and many of the couple's friends have taken to social media to express their sadness.

Guilherme Alexandrew Herrera Cruz, the brother of Adriana, said on Facebook: "My heart hurts too much! I expected too much live close and you were gone! May God comfort us! Without words!"

A local resident, who did not wish to be named, spoke to Get Surrey and said Adriana Nunes worked as a cleaner in the village her son Tiago went to North Downs Primary School in Brockham.

"Betchworth is a small village, they were very well known and lovely people – I'm in shock," said the resident. "It was very strange, it looked like it had happened weeks ago. It was smoldering slightly but there was no sign of a fire and there wasn't loads of smoke in the air. It must have happened quietly during the night.

"[The cottage] is far away from the farmhouse which is over a mound. Looking at the cottage, I don't think there were many houses that would have seen it."

The three people who died have not been formally identified by authorities as of yet.

The little boy is believed to be aged around seven-years-old and his parents were believed to be in their early 30s, local residents said.

Insp Richard Hamlin said: "Fire officers been working hard to ensure the scene and structure of the building is safe to enter, and we will continue working with them today to maintain the scene.

"We are still investigating with the fire service to determine a cause of the fire which remains unexplained at this time."

A spokesman for Surrey Police said: "Officers arrived at the location at around 11.10am GMT. A property was found to have suffered serious fire damage and three people, including two adults and a child, were found deceased. Their next of kin has been informed.

"A joint investigation between Surrey Police and Surrey Fire and Rescue Service is under way into the cause of the fire."