Five middle school students are facing charges after a block of wood was thrown at US President Donald Trump's motorcade in Florida.

Officials said one child from a local middle school had confessed to throwing the object, also naming a further four children believed to have been involved in the incident, which took place as cars in Trump's entourage drove along Southern Boulevard.

The president was driving from Palm Beach International Airport to his 'Winter White House' residence in Mar-a-Lago when one of the cars in the motorcade was struck by the wood, The Palm Beach Post reported.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's office spokeswoman Teri Barbera told the Associated Press on Saturday that the incident happened in the afternoon on 17 February at around 1.45pm.

Once the president had been escorted safely to his destination, members of the motorcade went back to where the incident took place to investigate what had happened.

The president spent the weekend in Florida, holding a rally in Melbourne, where he told his supporters he would be unveiling a replacement for Obamacare in the coming few weeks, and hit out once again at the media.

Charges against the five children, aged between 11-13, will reportedly be filed at the Palm Beach County States Attorney's Office.