An explosion in an eastern Chinese mine has left rescuers battling to save 29 miners trapped by the blast.

According to China Central Television, approximately 30 rescue workers were attempting to reach the trapped staff in the private mine in Huainan city in Anhui province.

However, the rescuers are waiting for heavy rescue equipment to arrive at the scene before attempting to reach the miners.

Ten miners - one who was injured - managed to escape in the aftermath of the blast.

It is reported that the Chinese government - led by Xi Jinping - had ordered that the private mine in Huainan be closed in June because of safety concerns.

Last week, nine trapped miners were rescued from the flooded Anzhishun coal mine in Jixi City in the northeastern Heilongjiang province. The mine's owner has been placed in police custody.

China is notorious for its appalling mining safety record. Approximately 52,600 people have been killed working in Chinese mines since 2001.

Conditions are becoming safer for workers as safety regulations become stricter. Last year, 1,049 died in mines according to the Chinese State Administration of Work Safety, down from 6,995 in 2002.