Chinese workers
Protecting women in the workforce, Ningxia issues new guidelines. Reuters

The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in China has taken the protection of working women to new levels. Female workers in the north western China are allowed to be given two days leave if they are unable to work because of pains during menstruation.

The new guidelines, would be issued soon, Shanghai-based news portal Thepaper reported. An official document, which lists details of the new guidelines, also said that female workers were important in the drive to push society forward.

It praised women for giving birth to the next generation while still contributing to society. Providing special and greater protection to female workers is a sign of social and civil progress, it added.

Under the new rules, women cannot be fired, have their salaries cut or face restrictions with their promotions just because they are getting married or have become pregnant, are giving birth or breastfeeding, the document said.

In addition, it also helps women who are going through menopause. "Women employees who cannot bear their workload because of menopause should be given less work or transferred to another suitable position, " it added.,