A famous Malaysian Chinese astrology master who has previously correctly predicted many accurate events has released his predictions for the world in the Year of the Wood Goat.

Master Thean Y Nang, a Buddhist Feng Shui master and Chinese astrologer based in Malaysia, has predicted that the coming year, which starts on 19 February 2015 following the Chinese lunar calendar, will overall be much more favourable than the outgoing Year of the Wood Horse (2014).

Thean previously correctly predicted the 9/11 attacks and the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, and most recently foresaw incredibly bad luck for Malaysia in 2014, long before any incident occurred.

This year, the outlook for wealth is auspicious where financial opportunities are concerned and wealth will come your way, however, one must be wary of financial losses as it will be difficult to manage finances this year, so caution must be exercised.

Wealth is coming, but exercise caution

The 2015 edition of Master Thean Y Nang\'s astrological predictions, which is published in both English and Chinese
The 2015 edition of Master Thean Y Nang\'s astrological predictions. The book is published in both English and Chinese, available online and in Malaysian bookshops Thean Y Nang

"Wealth is likely to come your way, but exercise caution and prudence to avoid potential monetary loss that may leave you high and dry," writes Thean in the latest edition of his annual predictions book, available from January 2015.

The Year of the Wood Goat is associated with the wood element as well as the earth element, but unfortunately, the earth element is unfavourable this year.

This means that there will be a multitude of disasters and mass casualties such as landslides, bridge collapses and problems relating to construction.

Countries along the Pacific Ring of Fire where earthquakes commonly occur will also be affected.

Added to this, the combination of elements means that there will continue to be a volatile political situation which will cause "irregular fluctuations" to the global economy, and that is why financial losses might occur.

Property and currency prices will fluctuate

"Property prices will decrease due to disaster, causing less demand in the market, so think twice before you invest," writes Thean.

"Drastic currency swings may happen that are hard to predict. Investments could be problematic but if you must invest, take extra precaution and make sure you consider thoroughly before making any money-related division.

"Otherwise you may encounter predicaments and obstacles e.g. serious cash outflow or even bankruptcy."

In the Year of the Wood Goat, there is also a lack of the metal element, which is a good thing, as the prices of gold and silver will likely increase.

Expect great change and turbulence

Master Thean Y Nang, a well-known Chinese astrology and Buddhist Feng Shui master based in Malaysia
Master Thean Y Nang, a well-known Chinese astrology and Buddhist Feng Shui master based in Malaysia Thean Y Nang

However in industries involving wood and water, such as furniture, book publishing, pharmaceuticals, clothing, air treatment systems, maritime, aviation and entertainment, this year supply will outweigh demand, and there will be fierce competition in these markets.

Thean concludes that 2015 will have a lot of changes and turbulence. Although generally the world will not see as much bad luck as there was in 2014, which was a really inauspicious year, there will nevertheless be some bad luck and peril this year.

"There will be unavoidable adjustments, unwanted changes or you may even need to turn over a new leaf. In such situations, you may experience some muddied thoughts and confusion," he writes.

"The people affected must possess sufficient energy for the adaptation process to unfold."