Rapper Chris Brown
Royalty singer plans further steps to prevent such accusations Getty Images /Daniel Boczarski

Just a few hours after a woman accused Rapper Chris Brown of assaulting her, he denied the charge through social media. He shared a video and took to his Instagram account to defend himself. Besides, he threatened legal action against the woman.

"I'm going to be hella rich after all the lawsuits I file from these crazy individuals who keep lying on my name," he posted. "Happy NEW YEAR! Time for us to grow the f**k up!" he said in the post, with a selfie, reports Vulture.com.

Brown's spokespersons said the incident as alleged by the Vegas woman never happened and that she was not even present at the party. One of them revealed that the Royalty singer was planning to initiate further steps to prevent similar accusations, such as disallowing any "hanger-ons" at his parties.

Brown's manager Mike G also shared a lengthy response on Instagram. "Shame on the networks that gave this story life and this liar her 15 minutes. I don't know what's more despicable, the news outlet making this a lead story or the false accusation who wants her name printed as victim on TMZ for false fame." He added that Brown does not get the same publicity for his charitable efforts.

The woman had alleged that Brown assaulted her at a party held at Palms Casino Resort for trying to take a photograph of his. She told TMZ that Brown had punched her in her right eye when he saw her trying to take the photograph.

TMZ, citing its earlier report, said it is not the first time the woman has been involved in such an incident. In August, when singer Jason Derulo left her outside a Hollywood club and invited her friends to an after-party at his home, she had alleged that Derulo had made unwanted advances on some girls.