It's Christmas, the time to treat others, and if you REALLY want to treat the ones you love, then there are more than enough luxury tech products out there for you to splash your hard-earned cash on.

Here we look at some of the most ostentatious, pretentious, gaudy, garish, extravagant and pricey pieces of technology on sale for Christmas this year.

Vertu Constellation Collection - £4,200

Vertu Constellation
Vertu Constellation Vertu

Let's start with the essentials. Everyone needs a smartphone and if you are a high-flier then you won't want to have an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy like everyone else, you'll want a bespoke calf-leather clad Vertu smartphone featuring polished titanium, and more importantly, a sense of entitlement. For £4,200 you could get 8 iPhone 6 smartphones, but why would you when you could get this one instead.

Check it out here: Vertu Constellation Collection

Samsung HU8500 Curved Smart 3D 4K TV - £6,500

Samsung HU8500 Curved Smart 3D 4K TV
Samsung HU8500 Curved Smart 3D 4K TV Samsung

OK, smartphone sorted, next up is a TV for your luxury penthouse apartment. This Christmas it is all about curved and 4K and so Samsung's 78in Curved 4K is perfect for you. Not only does the TV curve to match the curvature of your eye lens (apparently), it's also got 3D technology built-in, and it's Smart so should be able to tell you when your copy of Tatler is ready to collect in the newsagents.

Check it out here: Samsung HU8500 Curved Smart 3D 4K TV

Nespresso Magimix Gran Maestria - £430

Nespresso Gran Maestria
Nespresso Gran Maestria Nespresso

Next on the agenda is a snazzy coffee machine to help wake you up on Christmas morning. Now we could go for a hugely complex and expensive coffee machine with more bells and whistles than your local Starbucks, but for ease of use and no-fuss coffee when you need it, the Nespresso Magimix Gran Maestria is the perfect option, and at just £479 you'll be able to order thousands of those capsules...

Check it out here: Nespresso Magimix Gran Maestria

Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display - up to £3,650

5k Apple iMac
27-inch Apple iMac with 3K display Reuters

In order to organise your incredibly busy social life around the festive and New Year periods, you will need a secretary, but since robot secretaries are yet to be invented, you'll have to make do with a computer, and if cost is no barrier then the latest iMac with 5K Retina Display, the highest spec processor, graphics, memory and storage will set you back around about £3,650.

Check it out here: Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display

Bang & Olufsen's BeoPlay H6 Special Edition - £330

B&O BeoPlay H6 Headphones Special Edition Review
Just as B&O has a heritage of impeccable design, it has also built its reputation on outstanding sound quality IBTimes UK

To help you relax, you will of course want to listen to some music and that means some ludicrously expensive headphones the size of melons. This year, the cool kids are wearing Bang & Olufsen's BeoPlay H6 Special Edition over-ear headphones which come in such stylish colours as Graphite Blush, Bronzed Hazel, and Blue Stone. The headphones do look and sound great, and at £330 for a pair are on the low end of the luxury headphone market.

Check it out here: Bang & Olufsen's BeoPlay H6 Special Edition

Fujifilm X100T - £1,099

Fujifilm X100T
Fujifilm X100T Fujifilm

With the festive season just around the corner you will need to capture all those moments under the mistletoe, opening your presents on Christmas morning, and meeting all your friends at Chiltern Firehouse on New Year's Eve. For this, not only do you want a camera that will take great pictures, but one which will make you look cool at the same time, and for that the retro-styled Fujifilm X100T is perfect.

Check it out here: Fujifilm X100T

Apple Watch Edition - up to £6,500 (estimate)

Apple Watch Edition
Apple Watch Edition Apple

We know, it's not on sale yet, but you can always give your special someone an IOU and when Apple does finally launch its first wearable in early 2015, then you will be at the front of the queue. Of course you won't want the regular or sport versions, you'll want the the 18-carat gold Apple Watch Edition. While the price is yet to be officially announced (with rumours suggesting anything up to $10,000) for your nearest and dearest this won't be a problem.

Check it out here: Apple Watch Edition

VRX D-Box race simulator - £125,000

VRX D-Box race simulator
VRX D-Box race simulator VRX

This is something for the (very rich) kid in you. Dubbed the world's most advanced games simulator, for the small price of £125,000 you will get a professional racing wheel, professional racing seat and pedals and a UHD triple screen array. You can pick one up on your next trip to the Harrods Gaming Room.

Check it out here: VRX D-Box race simulator

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