Last night, 7 December, it snowed in Houston, Texas, for the first time since 2009.

While the north of the state is accustomed to snow, the chilly occurrence is rare in southern parts of Texas. And people were pretty excited to capture snowflakes as they descended onto their cities. They shared their snowmen, snowy trees and streets topped in white on social media as the "Christmas Texas miracle" ensued. Here are the best - frosty - bits.

Let's start with a beautiful picture of the state capital under snow fall:

The countryside is also looking very dapper all wrapped in white!

It's all fun and games until someone has to drive to work in the morning!

Even the students of A&M University, in the Houston-Dallas-Austin triangle, were not immune to building a little snowman.

When taking a break to stare at snowflakes in the night, always make sure you're wearing a yellow hat

*Hundreds children can be heard screaming in joy*

Goin' back to Houston, Houston, Houston

On Instagram, you'll find statues chillin'...

...Some snow fallin'...

Pretty good snow shower in southwest Austin. #texassnow #austinsnow #atxweather

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Some kids playin'

#texassnow2017 #texassnowday #texassnow #snowballfight

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And some snowmen creepin'

Some showcased their very impressive snowball skills

Houston snow 2017! #snow #sugarlandtx #sugarlandtx #magical #trending #neverseensnow #snowball #texassnow #itssofluffy

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Meanwhile, others were not ready for the world's end...